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Based on the increasing demand for aluminium equipment, our company specially upgraded a C model online quenching equipment for the existing line, which will not only satisfy the customer demand, but achieve cooling effect with limited space. It is widely adopted by customers to replace the old simple water tank. Through the customer's follow-up feedback, the use effect is ideal.
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Main tech. data
Product advantages

  • To apply proper cooling mode to various alloys to achieve optimal mechanical properties.

  • To avoid deformation and ensure the correct dimensional tolerance.

  • High productivity, high efficiency.

  • Energy saving with a low-production cost.

  • High automation to easy operation,

  • Function Description

    1. Four cooling modes: Air cooling, air-mist combined cooling, mist cooling, high pressure spray.

    -To manage the cooling mode based on the various alloy and thickness for better cooling.

    -Air-mist combined cooling is better than air cooling in hardness, and more saving energy.

    2. To manage the cooling volume of all side separately.

    -To manage the cooling strength based on the section difference, to avoid deformation as less as possible.

    3. The control system for surround air nozzles and air volume.

    -It is designed all side cooling jets in quenching tank, the air volume is designed to manage based on the requirements.
    -This design could reach to balance cooling to avoid deformation as less as possible.
    4. The air nozzles from middle and both sides could be managed (for large extruder).

    -It is designed that the top air jets and both side jets could manage to move separately, to match the profile shape , this design is more better for large quenching system .
    Water jets is designed to same function as air jets.

    5. The controller of man-machine interface and date memory.

    -The controller of man-machine interface, all actions and controlling are all controlled by the controller of man – machine interface , and will be more easy to control .
    -It is designed the function of memory to improve highly efficient in production, the date recording will be saved and repeat it next production.
    -The control system is designed to remote the debugging, supervision, maintaining for better service in quenching.

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